Carbon Fiber Yarn

Carbon fiber has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, anti-friction, electric conduction, heat conduction and corrosion resistance. It is fibrous, soft and can be processed into various fabrics. Because its graphite microcrystalline structure is optimally oriented along the fiber axis, it has a high orientation along the fiber axis. Strength and modulus. Carbon fibers have a low density and therefore high specific strength and specific modulus. The main use of carbon fiber is as a reinforcing material combined with resin, metal, ceramics and carbon to produce advanced composite materials. Carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composites have the highest specific strength and specific modulus among existing engineering materials.

Yangzhou Lihong Carbon Fiber Material Co., Ltd. has been working on the repair, modification and promotion of carbon fiber wire A grade and carbon fiber filament grade B for many years. Through cooperation with Japanese and domestic research institutes, the carbon fiber of the B grade can be repaired and modified to achieve or approach the quality of the carbon fiber A grade. And through the modification to achieve the use quality of special purposes, the company's core products.


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